Hi all, I made a minor change to a stack this morn...
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Hi all, I made a minor change to a stack this morning and got this error:
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At least one field is expected inside environment
I only found one reference to this error.  It's terraform related, but I'm not sure how it's resolved with Pulumi.  The stack was working yesterday and the error is still returned after reverting the code.  No changes were made to infrastructure code.
I had a coworker try deploying from his machine. He's getting the same error.
Can you share your code and full output of
preview --diff
? That's a strange error message. I'm not sure where that error message could be coming from.
Thanks for the response. We just resolved the issue. I'm not sure exactly what caused the error, but it was related to a shared project that changed or removed. The deploy worked when the reference to that project's resources was removed.