I need to provision AWS resources in multiple regi...
# aws
I need to provision AWS resources in multiple regions. Locally I'm using a local EC2 instance metadata service agent (called limes), this since we have a multi-account setup where we need to assume roles. However, with this setup of two providers the region doesn't seem to take affect. Using the
provider still creates resources in "eu-west-1". The instance metadata service is on a profile that defaults to "eu-west-1", but it's still possible using it to interact with other regions. E.g. if I run
AWS_REGION=us-east-1 aws ...
it nicely interacts with another region. Anyone encountered this and have any ideas how to tackle it? Does pulumi support setting region when the instance metadata service is relied upon for authentication? EDIT: I noticed, having a resource outside my ComponentResource it creates it in the correct region. But not the resources within the ComponentResource. I updated the code example for more clarity
Yeah, it's within the ComponentResource it's not working. Creating the resource outside with a reference to the same provider, works. 🤔
Can resources within a ComponentResource only be connected to one and the same provider?