`pulumi preview -v 9` is reporting this error: &gt...
# aws
pulumi preview -v 9
is reporting this error:
error: awsec2/instanceInstance resource 'preprod-batch' has a problem: Computed attribute cannot be set
Nothing else. No idea how to tell which property or what value. It's in code that hasn't changed in days. Any idea if recent changes to Pulumi or the AWS provider might cause previously-valid config to become invalid?
I can't find "Computed attribute cannot be set" in any code... I've looking in pulumi, pulumi-aws, pulumi-terraform-bridge...
what version of pulumi/pulumi and cli are you on?
I had just upgraded the CLI to 2.13.0. Looks like pulumi/pulumi is 2.12.1.
Yep, lock file says 2.12.1.
if you downgrade the cli to 2.12.1, do you still get this?
I'll check asap.. in a meeting right now.
Checked. Still happens in 2.12.1.
Trying destroy/re-up.
Worked fine there.. and now the computed field isn't changing, so no more error message...
i got same error pay-dev-eks-cluster (awseksCluster) error: awseks/clusterCluster resource ‘eks-cluster’ has a problem: Computed attribute cannot be set pulumi v2.14.0
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eks.NewCluster(ctx, "eks-cluster", &eks.ClusterArgs{
   RoleArn: pulumi.StringInput(eksRole.Arn),
   VpcConfig: &eks.ClusterVpcConfigArgs{
      PublicAccessCidrs: pulumi.StringArray{pulumi.String("")},
      SecurityGroupIds:  pulumi.StringArray{groupIds},
      SubnetIds:         subnetIds,
      VpcId:             vpc.ID(),
before i add
not show
Computed attribute cannot be set
with me.