Hey all! Does anyone have experience deploying an ...
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Hey all! Does anyone have experience deploying an EC2 instance into ECS? We’re having issue where the creation of the ECS service is hanging on `pulumi up`:
I’m not sure what the best thing to look for here is - after quite a few minutes the error reports:
* error waiting for service (arn:aws:ecs:eu-west-1:463234216787:service/picnic-staging-c3fd3bc/picnic-staging-server-8563e16) to reach a steady state: ResourceNotReady: exceeded wait attempts
Hi @most-address-4174 This suggests that the service isn't getting marked as healthy and ECS is continually trying to restart it If you go to ECS in the AWS console, you may get a wee bit more information about why this is as part of your service logs I would suggest it's that the container isn't starting correctly
Hey @broad-dog-22463 thank you for the response! I’m not sure if you have any pointers, but in the ECS dashboard the EC2 instance doesn’t seem to connect - it shows
container instances. On the EC2 dashboard, I only see 1 instance that’s unnamed, but I think that’s the ECS cluster instance
Can you show me your infra code that spins this up?
Sorry if this is horribly awry - I’m still learning through the AWS setup 🙂
@broad-dog-22463 for context, everything seems to be creating except that EC2 instance:
@broad-dog-22463 Sorry to bother you, do you have any idea what could be going wrong in that config to cause the service to hang on creation?