12/08/2020, 8:09 AM
Is there any working example on how to use EKS and NLB with mix protocols on the same ip address (different ports are fine)?
error: resource demo/demo-service-x3i6m60y was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : Service "demo-service-x3i6m60y" is invalid: spec.ports: Invalid value: []core.ServicePort{core.ServicePort{Name:"udp-demo", Protocol:"UDP", AppProtocol:(*string)(nil), Port:6666, TargetPort:intstr.IntOrString{Type:1, IntVal:0, StrVal:"udp-demo"}, NodePort:0}, core.ServicePort{Name:"tcp-demo", Protocol:"TCP", AppProtocol:(*string)(nil), Port:6665, TargetPort:intstr.IntOrString{Type:1, IntVal:0, StrVal:"tcp-demo"}, NodePort:0}}: cannot create an external load balancer with mix protocols