Does someone know if there's a way to buy a domain...
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Does someone know if there's a way to buy a domain through pulumi?
Pulumi as a company doesn't offer a domain registrar service. AWS doesn't offer a way to buy domains without paying up front and there isn't a way to do this through their APIs, so you wouldn't be able to use Pulumi to buy an API through AWS either I stand corrected
you could do it with a dynamic provider and the
Awesome thanks, this was the answer I expected.
When you register a domain aws will create a hostedzone for you, so if you’re expecting to have pulumi create the hostedzone, you end up with two most likely conflicting dns records.
Would be nice, to wrap the register domain functionality so that pulumi can register the domain if it does not exist. I guess you can always reference the existing hostedzone resource but meh, that route is unappealing to me.
I also solve this problem with a custom resource in another project that uses aws cdk
Thanks for the insight, always appreciated