Not sure that it's a bug, but definitely a gotcha:...
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Not sure that it's a bug, but definitely a gotcha: updating an RDS optiongroup and the instance it's associated with in the same
pulumi up
I've updated my instance's security groups, which are the same for both the instance and the SSRS option group.
Pulumi updated the optiongroup first, which puts the instance in state Modifying.
Then it tries to update the security groups on the instance, but RDS only allows that when the instance is in state Available.
Once it finishes modifying the SSRS security groups, I'll re-up and I expect it to work fine.
Yep. It has finished, I re-upped, it worked fine.
Interestingly, updating the instance's SGs never put the instance in Modifying, so it would have worked fine the other way around...
Was it replacing a SG? Modifying should have no impact to RDS (IE adding a new allow statement etc)