How can I customize the RDS Snapshot policy for an...
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How can I customize the RDS Snapshot policy for an RDS MySQL Instance? How can I customize the log retention period for an aws.lambda.CallbackFunction?
Or where should/how can I look up what is and isn't supported? I look in the API docs but never seem to find a definitive 'not supported' so is the right next step to look at the Hashicorp Terraform provider?
The Pulumi docs for resources that are built from Terraform providers are also built from the Terraform docs, so there won't be any extra information there 😞
Except maybe in Terraform's github issues list, where you might see what features have been requested.
Hi @future-oyster-5387, Is backupRentetionPeriod and backupWindow what you are looking for?. Would it be like this? Are you basing it on this? For log retention period you can set it in cloudwatch here
My problem seems to be in finding the log group name for aLambda function, or being able to change the log group properties directly to adjust the retention period programmatically. If I use
new aws.lambda.Function
how do I get access to its log group to change its retention period?
According to accessing amazon cloudwatch logs for aws lambda it seems that the log group is called: /aws/lambda/_`<function name>`_ You could lookup the log group and then update the config for retentionInDays
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