Hi! I want to create 2 fargates profile inside for...
# aws
Hi! I want to create 2 fargates profile inside for statement... but I receive this message
Error creating EKS Fargate Profile (origination-eks-stgfg:Profile-1): ResourceInUseException: Cannot create Fargate Profile Profile-1 because cluster origination-eks-stgfg currently has Fargate profile Profile-2 in status CREATING
can you share your code?
yes @billowy-army-68599
for (let i = 0; i < args.eksFgCfg.length; i++ ) {
fgProfile =  new aws.eks.FargateProfile('fgProfile-' + args.eksFgCfg[i].profileName, {
fargateProfileName: args.eksFgCfg[i].profileName,
clusterName: args.eksFgCfg[i].eksClusterName,
podExecutionRoleArn: fgPodExecutionRole.arn,
selectors: args.eksFgCfg[i].eksFgSelect,
}, defaultResourceOptions);
i believe you can't create the fargate profiles in parallel, they have to happen one at time. I see some upstream issues related to this but trying to verify
Ok thanks @billowy-army-68599 😊 I will try to create them in another way