New to pulumi and I was looking at the aws-stackre...
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New to pulumi and I was looking at the aws-stackreference-architecture example and it's currently broken?
src/index.ts(36,43): error TS2339: Property 'names' does not exist on type 'Promise<GetAvailabilityZonesResult>'.
Looking through the code a bit I'm not sure how it every functioned correctly, unless pulumi itself wasn't locked to a correct version in the example?
Hi @microscopic-orange-69417 Apologies here - I will get that fixed up - it's because we changed how datasources work at Pulumi 2.0 and this must have fallen through the cracks
It's fine, I really like everything I'm seeing so far, but trying to build resources using
types is really wracking my brain 😕 I tried to pull most of this and revamp using the crosswalk based vpc, but then I run into the same issues when attempting to create the route table entries for the peering.
so the point at which we call,
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const availabilityZones = aws.getAvailabilityZones({
	state: "available",
needs to change
that may help you out there
I see that in the existing example they are created and pushed into the arrays, but it looks like none of that is exposed via the awsx/crosswalk vpc so I have to use
functions which return
which just turns into a sysyphian nightmare of async lol. Totally my fault that I'm not the strongest developer, but I like what I'm seeing of pulumi vs. terraform/hcl hell. Just have to grasp all the concepts 😕 I'll look this over thanks
(And I'm saying have to, but I'm sure it's just because I'm doing something incorrectly)
@microscopic-orange-69417 if you want, you can get on a call with @billowy-army-68599 or myself (or both) and we can take you through a few things to get you up to speed with teh concepts
Happy to!