02/15/2021, 10:09 PM
Guys does it make sense to have one task definition defined in the Project_A (With all containers and CPU/Memory usage defined) and want to use the same task definition (from Project_A) to add other containers from Project_B?
The reason is because I am using fargate and before I was setting the CPU for each container and I ended up with 1024 CPU units and 2048 MiB of memory which was way too expensive from previous versions (using pure EC2). I want to do this because this way I minimize costs because for eveyone I would have the same 256 CPU units. Whereas with another TaskDefinition I would have to set the minimum CPU units again which with the other TaskDefinition sums (256+256) = 512 units
and for others TaskDefinitions, the same thing would happen. So with 4 TaskDefinitions I would have the same 1024 CPU units again