03/31/2021, 7:46 PM
This is possibly just something I'm not understanding, but when I specify a networkListener in my awsx.ecs.FargateService container, how do I pass the portMappings to it so that the container port and host port can map to each other? I've found that if I just don't provide a listener and specify the right portMappings, then my tasks stabilize because they are passing health checks on the appropriate ports, but then of course I can't reach the endpoint bc no listener. However, when I provide a network listener, the health checks constantly fail because I can't pass both a listener and the correct port mappings (e.g. containerPort and hostPort). Am I missing something here?
This was another mistake on my part... I basically had to allow traffic from the internal subnets so the load balancer could reach the ECS tasks, then the service stabilized.