:wave: Hey, y'all. I've been running up against an...
# aws
👋 Hey, y'all. I've been running up against an error this morning when trying to
pulumi up
or `pulumi refresh`:
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error: Preview failed: unable to discover AWS AccessKeyID and/or SecretAccessKey - see <https://pulumi.io/install/aws.html> for details on configuration
Neither command will get past this point. I have the AWS profile configured and it has worked up until this morning. The AWS CLI still works as expected. Any insights into how I can track down the issue?
How are you providing the profile to Pulumi? You need to set it with
environment variable or with
pulumi config set aws:profile ...
I had tried both of those options. I had a colleague destroy my stack from their machine and everything is working again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯