Morning (UTC+1)! Here's a Crosswalk question for y...
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Morning (UTC+1)! Here's a Crosswalk question for you. Given that it's supposed to be maximally easy to use for "day one" tasks why doesn't the following joyfully simple code:
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import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws';

aws.cloudwatch.onSchedule('log-something', 'rate(5 minutes)', (e) => {
  console.log(`Hello from Scheduler.`);
attach the
policy by default. Without that basic logging doesn't even function.
That's interesting. We do give attach the
policy. I'm guessing that someone thought that might have been enough but it's obviously not. I'll raise a ticket to add the basic policy as well
I've added if you want to track this
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Thanks for the response @brave-planet-10645. Appreciated.
This has actually changed recently, this used to work - I believe AWS changed that managed policy
@agreeable-eye-87399 and I ran into this earlier in the week