I am trying to get an App Load Balancer and relate...
# aws
I am trying to get an App Load Balancer and related ECS task (flask API) to use HTTPS in a demo app where I do not have a domain name and am just using the
of the ALB. In trying to create a listener that uses the cert with
I am receiving an error that the cert is not found after it seems to be generated successfully (Pulumi doesn’t error out). I then look in my pulumi console and see in fact the cert does have a
status. Since the docs all show the creation of the cert with an
domain, I am not clear how to adjust for an aws generated domain. Any guidance?
In terms of the pulumi API, I was looking for something similar to the cloudfront arg
that make it easy to use a default SSL cert for a container-based (ECS) flask API service if I am not coming with my own domain name.