05/18/2021, 10:27 PM
Is it possible to import a Route53 record? I'm trying to import one (previously created by Pulumi but removed from state), and it's failing due to not finding the mandatory name and records properties.
It says
warning: inputs to import do not match the existing resource; importing this resource will fail
because I'm getting this from the import diff:
- name   : "<|>"
~ records: [
    - [0]: ""
So it's not pulling the name and records[0] properties from Route53. I can see them in the console though.
When I run
pulumi import
(rather than
pulumi preview
with an import opt, which is what I was doing above) then I see the name and records[0] properties as expected... 🤔
Solved. Turns out the output properties I was populating the name and records[0] properties with were blank due to a previous bad import. (the domainValidationOptions of an aws.acm.Certificate aren't populated on refresh).