I seem to be getting unnecessary updates issued on...
# aws
I seem to be getting unnecessary updates issued on S3.BucketObjects, whose file assets hashes haven't changed. Perhaps bug?
seeing that
file looks similar to something i have seen. in the c# sdk but i think it is present for any language https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/7076 it happens to me if you try to
pulumi refresh
anything that contains an AssetArchive or StringAsset
there is more info in that github issue, and the ones it links to. but the short version is (for me anyway): assets serialize into the state file, and between 2 consecutive
pulumi up
commands it should work fine, see no difference. but if you
pulumi refresh .... pulumi up
then the
will cause the state representation of the asset to change, causing a diff to show up on the next run so my current temporary solution is to just not run
pulumi refresh
at all
in the c# sdk on top of that, the changed representation leads to an internal exception being thrown. idk if that is true for all languages that it breaks - maybe the state changes but it is still a valid representation
Yes seems like the same issue, since I did do a refresh before
Great investigation