Hey all - wondering if I am missing something in t...
# aws
Hey all - wondering if I am missing something in the docs. Is it possible to specify image tags when pushing to ECR using
Have you tried something like?
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awsx.ecr.buildAndPushImage("myImage", {
  context: "src",
  args: {
    tag: "name:tag",
Function signature:
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export declare function buildAndPushImage(name: string, pathOrBuild: pulumi.Input<string | docker.DockerBuild>, args?: RepositoryArgs, opts?: pulumi.ComponentResourceOptions): RepositoryImage;
looking at the `docker.DockerBuild`:
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     * An optional map of named build-time argument variables to set during the Docker build.  This
     * flag allows you to pass built-time variables that can be accessed like environment variables
     * inside the `RUN` instruction.
    args?: pulumi.Input<Record<string, pulumi.Input<string>>>;
or it might be:
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     * An optional catch-all list of arguments to provide extra CLI options to the docker build command.  For
     * example `['--network', 'host']`.
    extraOptions?: pulumi.Input<pulumi.Input<string>[]>;
ah, i hadnt considered using the extraOptions but that makes sense. thanks for the tip - i'll try that