06/24/2021, 3:18 PM
Hi, does anyone have tips on why
pulumi up
is building and pushing a new image for a containerized lambda when there are no changes to the image? The image builds quickly enough but it takes over 20 minutes 😱 to push the image to ECR (determined from viewing Diagnostics logs during deployment). Some avenues I’ve explored: • I’m not sure if there’s a disconnect between ECR’s layer caches.. am I’m inadvertently building an entirely new lambda each time rather than updating the image tag? • Why would pulumi find changes to the image when no source code was changed? • Are there any workarounds for this? The lambda built from a docker image (same design pattern as
export const myLambda = new aws.lambda.Function('myName', {
  packageType: 'Image',
  imageUri: image.imageValue,