I am creating a EKS cluster using go and want to a...
# aws
I am creating a EKS cluster using go and want to associate an oidc provider to it. I create it with:
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eksCluster.Identities.ApplyT(func(identities []eks.ClusterIdentity) {
   issuer := *identities[0].Oidcs[0].Issuer
   _, err = iam.NewOpenIdConnectProvider(ctx, "oidc-provider", &iam.OpenIdConnectProviderArgs{
      ClientIdLists:   pulumi.StringArray{pulumi.String("<http://sts.amazonaws.com|sts.amazonaws.com>")},
      ThumbprintLists: pulumi.StringArray{pulumi.String("9e99a48a9960b14926bb7f3b02e22da2b0ab7280")},
      Url: pulumi.String(issuer),
   }, nil)
   if err != nil {
      fmt.Printf("error: %s\n", err.Error())
But I have no idea how to associate the newly created provider with my cluster. Any help would be highly appreciated.
it's really poorly documented by aws I'm afraid, the url parameter should be an output from the EKS cluster
hmm. Not sure you understood me right. I am able to create the oicd provider using the url from the cluster with`*identities[0].Oidcs[0].Issuer` but I cannot associate this provider with the cluster. There is no method for it. Or is it?
Oh I see. I'm not using the latest version v3
yes I understood you, the way you associate the openidconnect provider with your cluster is that your cluster as a url that you need to point it to, and you've set the url to
so you've done everything needed
ah. thanks!