07/12/2021, 12:15 PM
Has anyone been able to get a WAFv2 orStatement rule to work with Pulumi? I’m able to get the same working from console but not with pulumi. It always returns the error: Error creating WAFv2 RuleGroup: WAFInvalidParameterException: Error reason: You haven’t met a minimum requirement for a threshold setting. Examples include a rule group capacity setting that’s too low and an OR statement with only one nested statement. The capacity I set to 2 which is what gets generated with the console. rules: [{ name:
, priority: 1, action: { allow: {} }, statement: { orStatement: { statements: [{ geoMatchStatement: { countryCodes: [ “US”, “CA” ] }, ipSetReferenceStatement: { arn: cfIpSetWhiteList.arn } }] } }, visibilityConfig: { cloudwatchMetricsEnabled: false, metricName:
, sampledRequestsEnabled: false } }