Hi everyone. I have an error: ``` error: post-...
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Hi everyone. I have an error:
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error: post-step event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: child resource urn:pulumi:dev2::api-notifications::aws:sqs/queue:Queue$aws:sqs:QueueEventSubscription::mkt-sqs-event-report-dev2 refers to missing parent urn:pulumi:dev2::api-notifications::aws:sqs/queue:Queue::mkt-post-consultation-report-sqs-dev2
anyone know the cause of this error?
Did you edit your state recently? There's a pointer in your state file to something that doesn't exist (or has been renamed).
I don't really understand the problem well. I deleted some manual stuff from aws console. After doing refresh with pulumi and there I got stuck with that problem
Ah that will be it. When Pulumi refreshed your SQS queue and determined that it had been deleted in AWS, it deleted it from the Pulumi state too. For some reason, this didn't delete the child EventSubscription resource (maybe it still exists?).
But the EventSubscription has a dependency on the now-missing queue.
To fix this, I think you'll have to export your stack, remove the parent property of the EventSubscription, and import your edited stack.
IMO this is a bug: Pulumi should have cleared the parent property of the EventSubscription when it detected that it had been removed.
But, it's a tough call: in code, the EventSubscription still has the queue as its parent.
In general, don't manually edit or delete resources that are managed by Pulumi. This sort of thing happens.
@little-cartoon-10569 thank you for helping me.