Hi everyone. I have another problem hehe. :disappo...
# aws
Hi everyone. I have another problem hehe. 😞 I am trying to import a table from dynamodb but I run into this error:
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pulumi import aws:dynamodb/table:Table test-dev  test-dev

Type                   Name                                              Plan       Info
pulumi:pulumi:Stack    api-test-dev2                                       1 error
=   └─ aws:dynamodb:Table  test-dev  import     1 error

aws:dynamodb:Table (test-dev):
error: Preview failed: diffing urn:pulumi:dev2::test::aws:dynamodb/table:Table::test-dev: 1 error occurred:
 * all attributes must be indexed. Unused attributes: ["field1" "field2" "field3" "field4"]

pulumi:pulumi:Stack (test-dev2):
error: preview failed
do some research and I think this issue is related to what I want to do Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
I resolved my issue like this:
aws dynamodb update-table --table-name test-dev --stream-specification "StreamEnabled=true,StreamViewType=NEW_IMAGE"