Hey has anyone successfully hooked up x-ray with p...
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Hey has anyone successfully hooked up x-ray with pulumi’s magic function lambdas in typescript? With the traditional sdk xray integration looks something like this
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import Lambda from 'aws-sdk/clients/lambda';
import { captureAWSClient } from 'aws-xray-sdk-core';

const client = captureAWSClient(new Lambda());
However since our lambda functions are managed through pulumi, there isn’t an easy way to apply this wrapper. Or if there is, I’ve completely missed it. I checked out the pulumi docs on the functiontracingconfig parameter, which gives me a high level trace (lambda execution time), but doesn’t go into the subcalls within the lambda like the capture client normally would.
I'm not sure what mean by magic functions? AWS package does not offer you more than AWS Console does. Since Xray is a 3rd party package you need to install it. The thing you are missing is the packaging step that pulumi does not offer (yet?) https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C01PF3E1B8V/p1629384278059100?thread_ts=1629368996.058400&cid=C01PF3E1B8V