Hello, I would like to migrate DNS records and Clo...
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Hello, I would like to migrate DNS records and CloudFront distributions managed with Pulumi project from one account to another inside the same organization. Looks like those resources should be first deleted in the source account and created again in the destination as the same domain name should not be used for more than one DNS record/CloudFront distribution. How can Pulumi assist with the migration and to ensure the minimum downtime of the websites? Thank you. CC @wonderful-dog-9045
it wont be possible to do this with zero downtime as I'm sure you know, but Pulumi should help with the migration. you can import the existing infra into a pulumi project, run a
pulumi destroy
and then run
pulumi up
with your new account credentials which should be relatively quick
The existing infra is already managed by a pulumi project. 1. Can I use the pulumi resource aliases to migrate only some resources? 2. How can I make pulumi to delete the CloudFront distribution in one account and create it in another during the same run of
pulumi up