Is `pulumi-awsx` ever going to be made available a...
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ever going to be made available as a dotnet nuget package?
A common question! Our current intention is to break pulumi-awsx into smaller packages and use multi language components to make them available in for all our SDKs Which parts of awsx do you need the most? it might help us prioritize that work
I will say we are actively ramping up a team to work on this, but there's not ETA currently
I was looking at using the vpc component - to quickly bootstrap a new vpc using best practices
Would be nice if there was an update on the awsx github issue for multiple languages. The last update was in August 2020 saying that it was blocked on a multi-language components issue which has been closed since Febuary 2021.
@billowy-army-68599 is this the most appropriate tracking issue? For me a solid VPC module is the biggest priority, as it's a blocker for pretty much anything else you want to do. We use a mix of CDK and pulumi, and the ergonomics of the CDK VPC Construct make it a lot more tempting to reach for CDK when you're facing a blank slate
The other complicated resource we gave up on pulumi and switched to CDK for was an EKS cluster.
@freezing-van-87649 was there something missing from the EKS component we provide?
lemme see if I can go dig into slack history
a coworker was managing that one, I just vaguely remember there being a whole lot of pulumi code that we were able to replace with a more opinionated CDK construct
The same question, the best practices of vpc in other languages ​​are very important. Can there be a common base layer to solve it, and then multi-language only wraps and exposes the api?
we plan to address this by Q2 this year.