ECS attached to EventBridge cron? Is it just aws.c...
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ECS attached to EventBridge cron? Is it just aws.cloudwatch.EventTarget with a task definition arn?
great. and it's not like a docker-based lambda where i can configure the entrypoint or command? If I do i need another task definition?
no, you just do an EventRule and an EventTarget I just finished writing up CodeBuild EventBridge with Python in case you need an example
Sure. I'm in typescript but I can translate.
my app is already packaged as a docker image which might be part of my confusion here.
So I ended up using aws.cloudwatch.onSchedule( (e) => with the overrides for my custom command that I want to run. Now, just ecs:RunTask permission issues. That generates a lambda that needs a role somewhere
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* Lambda will be created by calling [createCallbackFunction] on it.  If more control over the
 * resultant AWS Lambda is required, clients can call [createCallbackFunction] directly and pass the
 * result of that to any code that needs an EventHandler.
can't actually find createCallbackFunction. there is one in pulumi-cloud but not in anything i already have