Could someone point me in the direction of the mag...
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Could someone point me in the direction of the magic lambda function code implementation, I’ve been looking the the pulumi-aws repo but cant find it 😅. I’m trying to build a workaround for
What exactly are you trying to do?
Inline functions with yarn (v2) workspaces.
Straight up symlinks don’t work but I can work out why
Are you looking for the mixins file?
It's in aws/lambda/lambdaMixins.d.ts, etc.
thanks, I’m looking for how it packages up the external dependencies (I suspect using the asset.Archive API from pulumi/pulumi)
The code for supporting inline functions is in the .js file, you're looking for things like computeCodePaths(), serializeFunction(), etc.
found it, thanks for the help
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Ok, so I’ve been doing some investigation and think I almost have a workaround for getting lamdas to work.
tldr is that whatever is doing the bundling can’t distinguish between files and symlinks so if we can get that to work then it should just work ™️