Is there a good way to share a tagging convention ...
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Is there a good way to share a tagging convention across component resources? I use the same AWS tags on resources that are built in the same stack.
Hopefully that's what you were looking for
Just note that for overriding the auto injected tags for a particular resource\component, you'll need to 'explode' the default tags from config, with new tags you wanted so in typescript it would be like so: tags: {...tagsFromConfig, anotherTag:'anotherValue'}
That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
applies to every resource in
so no need to add any additional logic to component resources! the tags are appended - so you can add custom tags as well
FWIW, this is great, we've merged/updated this code in our
, but there are some missing / incompatible resources. Would be amazing if this were maintained.
Here is one issue we've had:
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// "aws:ecs/service:Service",  // InvalidParameterException: Long arn format must be used for tagging operations
IIRC something with load balancers was missing tags that was taggable as well