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10/14/2021, 12:03 PM
Hi, we had massive issues with this this morning it's now solved with a workaround, however if you read the thread there are mentions with CDK and AWS team changing the way we interact with lambdas. I do wonder then if it can be an issue also with pulumi and if pulumi for lambdas uses native already. Thanks we are on these versions
@pulumi/aws ^4.22.1 → ^4.24.1
@pulumi/pulumi ^3.13.2 → ^3.14.0
Same for us, we had Node 14.x and the layer
. I switched to
just to make sure it wasn't the layer version, but it quickly became evident that the version didn't matter. Since there was no code change on our side before and after the errors started showing up, we believe it's infra related. The layer is still there, and you can't modify it AFAIK so this must be AWS. We opened a ticket with AWS. I think they're are doing some changes to Lambda and this might be related
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You are receiving this message because we identified that your account created or updated or invoked Lambda functions on or after July 1, 2021.

AWS Lambda is extending the capability to track the current state of a function through its lifecycle to all functions [1]. With this change, you may need to update your CLI and/or SDK-based automation workflows around creating and updating functions by adding a check that the function became active before performing additional actions that operate on the function.

Previously, states have been used in two primary use-cases. Firstly, to move the blocking setup of VPC resources out of the path of function invocation. Secondly, to allow the Lambda service to optimize new or updated container images for container-image based functions, also before invocation. By moving this additional work out of the path of the invocation, customers see lower latency and better consistency in their function performance.
Infrastructure as code and deployment automation tools such as AWS CloudFormation, AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Serverless Framework,Hashicorp Terraform, AWS Chalice and Cloud Custodian already support states.

If you are using these tools and are already on the latest Software Development Kit (SDK), you do not need to take any action, and can stop reading now. If you are using an earlier SDK version, please update to the latest one.

We are rolling out this change over multi-phase periods to allow you to update existing tooling for deploying and managing Lambda functions. You can delay this change for your functions until December 5, 2021. Starting December 6, 2021, the delay mechanism expires and all customers see the Lambda states lifecycle applied during function create or update. Read this blog post [2] to learn about this change, timelines for different phases and a reference example on how to check your function state.
and then the support also said
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Furthermore,  Lambda team performed rollback to fix this issue but this may take some time to fully propagate. However, I am actively monitoring internal ticket and I will keep you updated on this case.