anyone got any idea what might be going on here :-...
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anyone got any idea what might be going on here :- I set the region, i check the region , try to import a resource i know exists in the region i have set, the import fails because pulumi says the bucket is not in a different region to what i have set . . . 🤷
Do you have
I’m not sure
uses the config and I’m wondering if it’s getting some underlying region setting.
nope …..
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04:52:36 bmeehan@_ip-10-232-33-223:~/repos/itplat-pulumi-infrastructure/src/aws/s3$ env | grep AWS
07:59:52 bmeehan@_ip-10-232-33-223:~/repos/itplat-pulumi-infrastructure/src/aws/s3$
yeah so im really keen to get some info on how to set the region properly for a
pulumi import
as i have tried setting in pulumi config and setting by env var, both fail
im guessing it is this flag on import which seems just horrible
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--provider string                       The name and URN of the provider to use for the import in the format name=urn, where name is the variable name for the provider resource
so i thought that meant something like
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pulumi import --yes -s ipd-aws-s3 aws:s3/bucket:Bucket itplat-regional-629205377521-us-west-1 itplat-regional-629205377521-us-west-1 --provider us-west-1=urn:pulumi:ipd-aws-s3::aws_iam::pulumi:providers:aws::us-west-1
ok yes that seems to work
very hard to read help description