Hi, there is a way to extract the `kubeconfig` of...
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Hi, there is a way to extract the
of an EKS cluster? I want to pass it to the
object in order to deploy stuff on the cluster. thx!
with pulumi, or in general? with the AWS cli you'd do:
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aws eks update-kubeconfig
With Pulumi, you need to build it yourself, but it's easy enough to do. Here's an example in python: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/blob/258d3bad0a00020704743e37911c51be63c06bb4/aws-py-eks/utils.py let me know the language you're using and I can build an example
Hi @billowy-army-68599 I'm doing it in Pulumi ( Python ) Actually I did the same thing like in the link that you have sent. thx!