11/24/2021, 2:45 PM
Trying to setup a Simple Autoscaling Policy for aws.autoscaling.Policy.. Is the name parameter listed here the alarm name that triggers the autoscaling? It is not clear what 
The name of the dimension.
 is or what the the trigger value should be Does anyone know what the correct parameters should be?
looks like there is some explanation on the metrics page:
still doesn't really explain what the name parameter is on the policy class


11/24/2021, 4:34 PM
I ran into this previously, there is an issue with the pulumi docs generation process where if a parent resource type and one of the "Supporting Types" share a parameter name, the supporting type's description overwrites the description of the parent's attribute


11/24/2021, 5:39 PM
hmm, that first link is if you're specifying TargetTracking, im only using Simple, so the name parameter seems to be some kind of dimension on cloudwatch alarm or metric
ive went and did it the reverse way with the cloudwatch metric alarm driving the linkage to the ASG, based on the MetricAlarm link
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