Can anyone advise how to approach ECS Task docker ...
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Can anyone advise how to approach ECS Task docker images changes with Pulumi? I feel like I'm going to run into some chicken-egg problems. I'd like to just
git tag
for things to happen.
we use ECS Tasks, we have a github actions that runs a pulumi up passing an ENV var that equals to the image tag
so the task gets updated and a deploy starts
thanks, I was thinking about the same approach, so I'll go for it.
@nutritious-shampoo-16116 Do you run any custom code to check if ECS Task deployment succeed or failed? I'm using a classic provider and it simply deploys the ECS Tasks and exits, however, the tasks may fail. So my question is what to do about that? I think it would be nice that Pipeline fails if ECS deployment fails
pulumi supports now
it depends strictly on the LB healthcheck tho
thanks, good to know. I've been playing with AWS Native provider and that seemed to be waiting for Task to come to the RUNNIN state, however, it was waiting much longer sometimes.