Hi everyone, im trying to get the folowing setup w...
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Hi everyone, im trying to get the folowing setup working with pulumi: • create a EventRule in EventBridge bus that matches certain events and forwards them to a sqs queue • the sqs then triggers a lambda function Whats working so far: • if I create an event in the sqs manually it trigges the lambda • the initial event reaches the eventbus (checked with another eventrule that prints to CloudWatch loggroup) Problem: • it seems the event is not being forwarded from EventBridge to sqs Additional: I managed to "resolve" the issue by running a clean pulumi up, then creating an additional target in the EventRule that matches exactly the already configured target (and therefore ioverwrites it in aws) in the aws console. Only then is the event forwarded from EventBridge to sqs. Interestingly if I run a pulumi up after doing the change in the console pulumi doesnt detect any changes its trying to overwrite. This obviously is no permanent solution. Any help would be great!