Hi, I was wondering about some unexpected behavior...
# aws
Hi, I was wondering about some unexpected behavior I'm seeing from
pulumi stack output
inside of Github actions. When I run
pulumi stack output website_url
on my local, it prints the bucket URL with the AWS region
included (
) while my Github action sets the region as `***`:
. My Github action uses
to access the value (
run: echo ${{ steps.publish_website.outputs.website_url }}
, but I don't know why it would be different. I thought this was worth mentioning because the preceding
test succeeds with the same value, almost as if it's using a different URL than what I'm seeing in the Github web console logs. The test reads
curl -I s3-website-bucket-4ac29a1.s3-website-***.<http://amazonaws.com|amazonaws.com>
. For reference, the project is the S3 static website on AWS Python tutorial and the Github Action is the push workflow for Python.