Hello. I am trying to build an Azure Infrastructur...
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Hello. I am trying to build an Azure Infrastructure with pulimi using C# and I noticed some resources change each time I do a pulumi up, even if I did not change anything in the code. For instance, the ApiKey from Pulumi.Azure.AppInsights "needs" to be modified (readPermissions) each time I preview changes.
try doing a refresh maybe?
Could you share the code to reproduce that?
And the detailed diff that you see on preview
I did a refresh after but that did not solve the issue. And it would be weird to have to do a refresh after a deploy without modifications of the resources. The code to reproduce the error : https://gist.github.com/TechWatching/a49e0f450600b3f5db17dcea8d2e4a7b
And the detailled diff on preview.
It looks like Azure adds those permissions when you assign
You should probably change the code to
ReadPermissions = { "api", "draft", "extendqueries", "search", "aggregate"  }
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Thanks for the tip 🙂 I did not see the issue.