Hi, is there a pulumi “native” way to add AAD User...
# azure
Hi, is there a pulumi “native” way to add AAD User/Groups to an Azure SQL Database? The azure/sql provider seems not providing such functionality, only on the Server Level i can set the AAD Administrator Or is it simpler to run a tool which runs the SQL Commands?
we made a "dynamic provider" to create users and apply schemas because we couldn't find anything
it just generates commands and runs them with a tool but it lets us keep track of which users have been created in a pulumi way, and delete them etc
But for the SQL Connection I have to “Fallback” to something like the npm package mssql to connect to azure SQL? And can hopefully use the identity of
az login
yeah we used a custom tool but something like that would work
the only issue is it might capture the source of the mssql npm package into the state file too... not sure about that
happy to send you an example of our dynamic resource class
Oh, that would be fantastic!