02/28/2020, 10:39 AM
Hi, I've run in to a problem when attempting to set up a Windows virtual machine with c#. As far as I can tell the setup should be fine and I'm running the latest version of pulumi. Setup of the VM:
var vm = new WindowsVirtualMachine("clientvm", new WindowsVirtualMachineArgs
                Name = "client-vm",
                Location = resourceGroup.Location,
                ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
                NetworkInterfaceIds = {networkInterface.Id},
                Size = "Standard_D1",
                SourceImageReference = new WindowsVirtualMachineSourceImageReferenceArgs
                    Publisher = "MicrosoftWindowsDesktop",
                    Offer = "Windows-10",
                    Sku = "rs5-pro",
                    Version = "latest",
                AdminPassword = "some password",
                AdminUsername = "some username",
                OsDisk = new WindowsVirtualMachineOsDiskArgs
                    Caching = "ReadWrite",
                    Name = "OsDisk",
                    StorageAccountType = "Standard_LRS",
When running Pulumi up I get the following error:
└─ azure:compute:WindowsVirtualMachine  clientvm                   1 error

  azure:compute:WindowsVirtualMachine (clientvm):
    error: unrecognized resource type (Check): azure:compute/windowsVirtualMachine:WindowsVirtualMachine
I realise that this is probably not an adequate amount of information, but so far I would just love to hear if anyone have had a similar issue, or would have any idea as to why this error is happening. Thanks!