1. *Getting below error when trying to publish thr...
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1. Getting below error when trying to publish through DevOps Release pipeline.. 2020-03-11T120711.5816533Z ##[error]Error: There was an error when attempting to execute the process 'D:\a\_temp\9367fa3c-d343-46a8-a5c2-d5b606d5f805\pulumi\bin\pulumi.exe'. This may indicate the process failed to start. Error: spawn D:\a\_temp\9367fa3c-d343-46a8-a5c2-d5b606d5f805\pulumi\bin\pulumi.exe ENOENT
I can't see the full log statements from your screenshot, but note that in a release pipeline, your artifacts are extracted into a folder matching the name of your artifact. So your input for the
option of the Pulumi task may not be matching the correct path. I do think that the
error code does not make this clear enough, but that is what it means. The
pulumi stack select ...
command needs to be able to locate your stack's config yaml file.