Hi All/<@UDE2DCFT3> Does anyone has any idea on b...
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Hi All/@clever-sunset-76585 Does anyone has any idea on below import module error "Module not found" (refer below snapshot ) , basically I am trying to create Vnet in azure using python scripts (main) in the azure pipeline but it seems that script is throwing PULUMI module not found error and import packages error while executing it in the pipeline :
This typically means you have not installed the
package locally - either globallly or in your virtualenv. Can you run
pip list
to see what packages are available?
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@white-balloon-205 Thank you So much for the help , I discovered that some plugins and pip packages are required to run python script despite azure Pulumi pipeline extension. After those installing packages I am able to create Vnet using python inside azure pipeline using Pulumi, Once again Thanks
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