Hi all! after the first deploy of a function app u...
# azure
Hi all! after the first deploy of a function app using a blob with a FileArchive I have this error when I try the next
pulumi up
System.InvalidOperationException: Expected Pulumi.AssetOrArchive but got System.String deserializing Pulumi.Azure.Storage.Blob.source
at Pulumi.Serialization.Converter.ConvertObject(String context, Object val, Type targetType)
at Pulumi.Serialization.Converter.ConvertValue(String context, Value value, Type targetType)
`at Pulumi.Deployment.CompleteResourceAsync(Resource resource, ResourceArgs args, ResourceOptions options, ImmutableDictionary`2 completionSources)`
at Pulumi.Deployment.Runner.WhileRunningAsync()
var blob = new Blob("zipdeploy", new BlobArgs
StorageAccountName = storageAccount.Name,
StorageContainerName = container.Name,
Type = "Block",
Source = new FileArchive("../HRToolBot/bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.1/publish")