Hey! Someone knows why after I updated Pulumi to f...
# azure
Hey! Someone knows why after I updated Pulumi to from v1 -> v2 and Azure provider from v1 -> v3 it's trying to replace all my Azure Functions? Is there a way to avoid it? Created a new test project with v1, just a subscription, storage, service plan and azure function. Updated to v2/v3 and having the same behavior.
Weird, I'm on my phone. What is it saying is the reason it thinks it needs to replace? Difficult to see on mobile. I had no issues updating my projects.
To avoid some warnings had to change the old
storageConnectionString: account.primaryConnectionString
to the new properties:
storageAccountName: account.name
storageAccountAccessKey: account.primaryAccessKey
. So there are those two new configurations in the changes. Besides that, it's saying that there's a change in the provider:
[provider: urn:pulumi:dev::pulumi-update-test::pulumi:providers:azure::default_1_14_0::{GUID} => urn:pulumi:dev::pulumi-update-test::pulumi:providers:azure::default_3_3_0::output<string>]