When triggering an Azure Function from the EventGr...
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When triggering an Azure Function from the EventGrid, is anyone else getting
The language expression property 'eventgrid_extension' doesn't exist
when trying to generate the function key needed (via a .net TemplateDeployment with`[listKeys(resourceId('Microsoft.Web/sites/host/', parameters('functionAppName'), 'default'),'2016-08-01').systemkeys.eventgrid_extension]`)? This seems to have just recently stopped working.
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"variables": {
      "functionAppId": "[resourceId('Microsoft.Web/sites', parameters('functionApp'))]"
    "resources": [],
    "outputs": {
      "eventgridKey": {
        "type": "string",
        "value": "[listkeys(concat(variables('functionAppId'), '/host/default'), '2018-11-01').systemKeys.eventgrid_extension]"
Fails with the same error.
My bad - that's also the error you'll get if your function can't start up due to a configuration error!
May I ask why you use template deployment here?
I need the key to build a URL to handle EventGrid notifications (deployed via .net Pulumi api)