05/12/2020, 11:12 PM
I have a general question concerning how to code an Azure Infrastructure. I was wondering how you were doing to find out how to convert an infrasture you set up in the Azure portal to Pulumi code. For common resources and set up it's not really hard to guess what to use from documentation and pulumi-samples, however for specific things it becomes hard to know what to use. Just for something relatively usual like exposing an API on an Application Registration, I don't really know how what to use. I have tried to configure it through the portal, looked at the generated manifest and try to map the json with properties of Pulumi classes but that's not convenient and I can't find all the properties I need.


05/13/2020, 1:50 AM
Similar issue here discovering the matching resources, I found that terraform has been around longer and there are great examples out there, and then looking at the pulumi azure provider (source) you can easily find the mathcing resource in pulumi.
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but some azure api just isn't exposed like azure b2c
even exporting arm templates doesn't work