Folks, there's an innocuous thing that's annoying ...
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Folks, there's an innocuous thing that's annoying me. It seems that the Azure provider, when generating names by suffixing them with some random characters, doesn't use a hyphen separator between my name and that suffix. I vaguely remember that the AWS provider was not doing this. Is there something special about Azure (maybe limits?) so that the hyphen isn't used in the final generated names? For example, if I have a resource named
it will generate something like
, instead of
afaik, there is no ability to substitute your own naming strategy in here. That would be an interesting feature, but in some cases, the resource you are generating isn't allowed to have
in the name, storage accounts for example. It is probably the least amount of support and complexity to have it the way that it is with simply 8 alphanumerics at the end.
Oh, right. Storage accounts don't accept hyphens, I've bumped into that. You're right, it makes sense to use this simpler strategy. Thanks.
I just left a trailing dash on all autonamed resources...
🙂 I thought about it, but that annoys me in a different way.
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