Having problems to provision new CosmosDB Instance...
# azure
Having problems to provision new CosmosDB Instances, seems like the problem is happening on the azure go sdk/azure api. Terraform AzureRM created a PR with a workaround on this problem: https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-azurerm/pull/7189 Any idea when it'll be reflected on Pulumi after it's merged? (Not demanding or something like that, just curious about how is the process when there are changes in the Terraform Providers. 🙂)
@rough-tomato-98795 this is related to the problem that you posted yesterday.
yes it is, thanks for pinging me. 🙂 yesterday i reported a bug for azure. So hopefully there will be no need for any kind of workaround soon.
We usually update our provider within two days after TF releases a new version
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