Hi folks! Curious about using pulumi for solving i...
# azure
Hi folks! Curious about using pulumi for solving integration testing problem, but not sure there is such ability. So, imagine the following setup: 1. A number of azure functions 2. Cosmos DB graph 3. Azure Search instance. Functions talk to both comsos db and azure search. I'd like to write kinda integration tests that will: 1. Spin-up needed function app(possibly in docker container) 2. Spin up a fresh cosmos db account + database + graph 3. Call the function and assert that smth was written to cosmos graph. Probably the framework will be xUnit 4. Teardown the resources. Is it possible anyhow to use pulumi in this case. The main problem for me here is that 1. The pulumi model is based on stacks thus it's not possible(at least I think so) to have per-test resources setup 2. Need to access pulumi cli somehow from the code. Thanks in advance :)
It doesn’t answer your question directly, but may still be useful to position your idea closer to one of the options?
@tall-librarian-49374 thanks a lot! Havent seen this doc yet. Looks similar to what I'd like to achieve. Need to play around these approaches.