When trying to specify a description > 32 chara...
# azure
When trying to specify a description > 32 characters long for an Application Secret created with Pulumi.AzureAD.ApplicationPassword I am receiving the following error Service returned an error. Status=400 Code="Unknown" Message="Unknown service error" Details=[{"odata.error":{"code":"Request_BadRequest","date":"2020-06-23T150728","message":{"lang":"en","value":"When present, application key identifier cannot be empty and can be at most 32 bytes.\r\nParameter name: applicationKeyIdentifierValue"},"requestId":"***"}}] The error refers to applicationKeyIdentifierValue which I am not specifying. I am using the dotnet libraries and only specifying ApplicationObjectId, Description, Value and EndDate. I can specify a description longer than 32 characters when I manually create a secret in the Azure portal. Is this a known limitation?