Hello! I want to attach ACR repository to a new A...
# azure
Hello! I want to attach ACR repository to a new AKS cluster. I can do that via 
--attach-acr <acr_name>
az aks ... create --attach-acr <acr_name>
 ) . How can I do the same via Pulumi? I haven't found anything related to it in 
 . Thanks!
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const acrRole = new azure.authorization.Assignment(`Cluster-${args.Name}-ACR-Role`, {
        principalId: ClusterServicePrincipal.id,
        scope: ContainerRegistry.id,
        roleDefinitionName: "AcrPull"
i believe all it does is this -- grants AcrPull against the cluster's Service Principal
that's all we do and it certainly allows the cluster to pull images down
Thank you! Will check it out!
Just checked, I don't have
Service Principal
assigned. I'm using
system-assigned managed identity
hmm not sure then sorry, does anything like that get populated in the return object from new azureaks.cluster()
Hmm.. Actually, I don't know if Azure returning any info about
when you create a cluster. I need to check. Thanks!
sorry - I meant details of the identity the cluster runs as so that you could do the above but pointing something different. perhaps cluster.identity.principalId ?
i still think you'll have to manually add the role as the terraform backing the pulumi azure project doesnt seem to list anything to do with ACR
oh, I see. So, Pulumi uses terraform under the hood. I'll check the docs. Thanks!